Sunday, May 10, 2009

{Happy Mother's Day, Deary}

Lookie at what Grace gave me! I got all teary eyed and everything...I'm such a sap. It could also be the hormones that "Mother Nature" decided to bless me with today. As I started imagining all of the thoughtful gifts I might receive in the future from my little kiddies (misshapen pottery, a fistful of dandelions, and a scribbled poem) I remembered the vase you usually give at baby showers. If you can fight through the tears, would you be so kind as to post the poem?

I hope you have a LOVELY day. Make sure your men take good care of you...that includes Randal. (ESPECIALLY him!) I'm really missing those chocolate covered strawberries right now. Where did you get them from? Wait! I think if I went out to the car right now, I could find a spot of melted chocolate on the carpet beside the driver's seat. Nah, that'd just be gross. I will live on the memory...

Happy Mother's Day!

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